Can't Get A Grip On Attracting New Customers And Selling Online?

Map and track how your prospects find you and purchase online and how you, as marketeer or decision-maker, can optimally allocate your marketing budget and human resources to those actions that stand to drive the most impact (and avoid loosing money on what doesn't pay off).

The Customer


your competitive advantage

Why track your marketing and sales? 

Marketing decision-makers today are facing a lot more challenges due to rapid and continuous change. 

More competition

Although you may have a successful business, the threat from new players (from all over the world), from startups to digital providers ... is getting closer and closer.


An oversupply of new technology and digital possibilities troubles the big picture and making the right choices to achieve your business results has become very unpredictable.

Empowered customers

Customers today are more empowered and change providers in the blink of an eye. The constant flow of information and fast messages is making it more challenging to reach or retain them.

It's entirely possible
To move forward steadily, even in complex and uncertain conditions

Traditional marketing strategies no longer work. There is a better way to achieve your ideal business results. What you need is an Online Customer Factory that tells you exactly what you have in the pipeline and how much more visitors, prospects, leads and sales you need to generate in orde to increase the growth rate of your business. 

How does it work?
Online Customer Factory

Don't let any "expert" tell you what to do for your company. Without the right exercise and the right systems in place, you will continue to sail blindly. A Customer Factory deconstructs how anonymous visitors find you online, what raises interest and arouses desire, enough to make them buy more quickly or come back for more.

I can help you
Optimize Your Customer Factory

A Customer Factory exposes all your opportunities and bottlenecks. This enables you to anticipate which actions stand to drive the most impact on your turnover. Before you actually invest in marketing or sales, you can test on a small scale whether a given action will produce the desired result. This way you won't waste any time, money or resources on ideas before knowing they will work.  

About me

With the "Online Customer Factory" I help managers to map and optimise the entire online customer journey - from discovery to purchase.

Thanks to proven methodologies, based on The Lean Startup, Respect-Based Marketing and CX, developed over the past 15 years. I have a strong out-of-the-box vision, innovative approach and customer-centric mindset.

Marielien Titeux

Customer journey expert

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