Build operational excellence with Customer Journey Mapping. 

Learn how to effectively deploy your time, budget and team with Customer Journey Mapping - consulting made for customer-centric managers.

The Customer


win by developing happy customers

Why visualise your end-to-end customer journey? 

Managers today are facing a lot more challenges due to rapid and continuous change. 

Useless information

Your agency dashboards are not showing how campaigns impact the business (onsite, emails, social media…). 

Data confusion

There's a lot of data available, but not necessarily measuring actual customer behaviour.

Strategic alignment

Your digital assets and channels may not be in line with or support the company's bigger picture.

All challenges
that may prevent you 

... from focussing on what drives the business most. You may not even know if your touchpoints and tools are doing what they should and if they are set up properly.

But what... 

if there would be a way... ? 

A better way to make impact... to brilliantly achieve your KPI's, and not just any KPI, but customer-centric KPI’s telling you exactly how your business is performing and which part of your customer pipeline needs attention? 

Introducing the

"Customer Factory" 

A methodology derived From Ash Maurya’s "Running Lean" allowing managers to put the "Customer First" into operational excellence, by breaking down the entire E2E customer journey into the actual steps it takes for a user to navigate repeatedly through the purchase process. 

With the "Customer Factory" 

I help managers map out the customer journey and pinpoint how each asset contributes to the business' objectives, so they can:

⭐️ Make constructive decisions that drive the business.
⭐️ Invest their time, budget and team on reproducing real, measurable, tangible results.
⭐️ Achieve performances that encourage the team and make their C-level hierarchy asking for more.

Marielien Titeux

Customer Journey Consultant

Customers that are happy with my work

What my customers say about me

Marketing & Communication Director - Mazda Motor Belux

Marielien is a very enthusiastic and energized person. She’s a great team player and understands the automotive industry very well. Marielien challenges the team and is always looking for opportunities to improve. She has a broader digital marketing experience and is passionate about improving the customer experience with focus on the end-to-end customer journeys. She was a great support for our team, she’s very hands on with great communication skills.

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