Do you find entrepreneurship increasingly challenging in a rapidly changing world?

Learn how innovation can help your business stand out (without technical BS and complex data) and how as an established entrepreneur you can adapt quicker to trends and change (and avoid getting behind).

Grow your business

with small innovations

your competitive advantage

Can innovation help your business grow?

Entrepreneurs today are facing a lot more challenges today due to rapid and continuous change. 

More competition

Even though you look back at a successful track record, the threat of new players on the market (from all over the world), from startups or digital natives with less experience but more digital literacy, ... is getting closer. 


New technology and digitisation have created so many possibilities that it's almost impossible to keep an overview and figure out what the right approach is to be more profitable.

Empowered customers

Customers today are more profitable than ever, change their minds easily and are harder to reach due to a constant stream of information and rapid communication. 

It's entirely possible
To break through, even in complexe and insecure conditions

Traditional strategies no longer work. There's a better way to face the challenges of today. What you need is an Innovation strategy  that moves your business forward without the overwhelm of a million choices and getting caught up in a technical whirlwind.  

How does it work?
Innovative entrepreneurship 

Don't let any "expert" tell you what to do. Without the right exercise you'll continue to stay in the dark. Innovative entrepreneurship deconstructs your current business model and exposes all your opportunities and bottlenecks at a glance. Allowing you to asses which innovative ideas make sense, are feasible and scalable for your business. 

I can help
Grow your business through innovation

With the right approach I help you choose those ideas that stand to drive the highest impact on your business. Before jumping into execution of an idea, we will test it on a small scale in the market
to make sure it delivers the right results. That way you won't lose time and resources on ideas before knowing if they will work.

About me

After 12 years in corporate, marketing and digital strategy, I realised that what my customers appreciated me for, were not necessarily the digital strategies or campaigns I delivered, but more so for how my atypical vision and innovative approach had made a difference. 

This made me focus on Innovative Strategies For Entrepreneurs. Today I help entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants to adapt their business to trends and rapid change. I use principles from "Continuous Innovation", Lean Startup and customer-centricity, so they can stay relevant and compete in a digital world. 

Marielien Titeux

Innovation Consultant

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