Struggling To Stay Ahead Of The Curve In A Rapidly Changing Digital Age?

Learn how you can adopt an innovative, transformative mindset and quickly adapt your business to change so you can stay relevant and competitive, all the while growing your business and improving your customer experience

Although you rely on a proven track record,
the threat of new market entrants (from all over the world),
startups or digital natives with less experience but higher digital literacy, ...
is becoming more and more real. 

TRADITIONAL STRATEGIES WON’T HELP YOUR BUSINESS STAND OUT. That’s why you want an innovation strategy that will help you think ahead, without the overwhelm of a million choices and getting caught up in a technical whirlwind.


Want to stay true to your core expertise but ensure your business lives up to digital standards and doesn’t fall of the face of the earth?


Take the next step and make your growth happen by implementing a continuous innovation strategy that will transform your consulting business into a future-proof, customer-centric digital organisation. 

I can help you...

Translate your current business into a lean business with the ability to adapt to change... continuously. Without losing sight of your primary revenue goal and an improved customer behaviour tracking system.  

Hi, I'm Marielien Titeux.


After a combined 15 years in corporate marketing and digital marketing strategy, I came to realise that the value I had been adding to my corporate clients had been created at a totally different level than where I had expected it. Turned out that not my digital strategising and managing campaigns, but my signature vision and innovative approach, made me stand out and deliver value. 

From that moment onwards, I took a different direction and focussed on what my customers appreciated me for: continuous innovation, traceable customer experience and creativity.

Today I help consultants and entrepreneurs to boost their business in the digital age using innovation principles, customer-centric strategies and digital transformation, so they can continue to compete and stay relevant in a digital age.

Marielien Titeux

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Want to say goodbye to competition and upgrade your business now?

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Continuous Innovation


The Accelerator is our tailor-made full package and is, obviously, custom-made to your needs. With this package we virtually become an extension of your team. 

Continuous Innovation


The Lab is a 90-day deep-dive done-with-you innovation program with extreme support that helps you not only focus on those ideas that stand to drive the most impact, but guides you all the way from ideation to the roll out.

Continuous Innovation


The Masterplan is a remote, 30-day intens mentorship program that quickly helps you frame new opportunities and breaks down your riskiest assumptions into measurable 2-week experiments or sprints, all leading towards your new improved business. 


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