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That’s right, all the way back to 2012. Yes, that’s two years ago. That’s how long it took me to get from there to here. And trust me, that’s a long and long and… very long time to keep on going where you think you’re going.

I spent months working on business plans, listening to other people’s advice, feeling insecure, making no money, going from idea to idea, workshop to workshop, webinar after webinar… Only to end up taking on a full time position for a job I no longer aspired and in an industry I disliked. Imagine how I felt… nay, not very promising indeed.

Before that I was a full time employee working for a great company, running the coolest job in the department, in a team of outstanding co-workers and getting paid a descent salary every month. So… Why was I feeling so indifferent, unhappy and frustrated with what I was doing?

My employer didn’t leave me much time to figure it out. From October 2012 onward the firm reorganized and I was obligated to leave. Truth be told, I never felt so relieved in my whole life. Disappointed that, of all people, I had to leave, for sure, but oh-so-ready for a new adventure.

In the end, I’m grateful, this setback had set a series of events in motion that brought me closer and closer to a lifestyle more true to myself.

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