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Longing for work-life balance and questioning the corporate lifestyle, had raised my awareness of new trends and different approaches on the topic. The article “Be More Productive. Take Time Off.” by Jason Fried, about unconventional and ground breaking working schedules, inspired and surprised me.

As founder of his company, 37signals, and whilst experimenting with innovative processes, he found that better work got done rather in four days than in five. With less time to work, time was less wasted. He concluded that when you have a shorter workweek, you tend to focus on what’s important. “Constraining time encourages quality time”, he claims.

Basically, if you focus less on respecting traditional office hours, and focus more on respecting your personal boundaries, your mental capacities and physical abilities, it benefits not only your employer in terms of productivity, but your own personal development and your work-life balance as well. Following his ideas led me to his TEDx talk filmed at TEDxMidWest about his radical theory of working.

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