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While my family and friends reacted rather strongly on the news, I was feeling quite alright with my so-called misfortune. I was thankful for the great times I had had and my former employer treated me well when I had to leave.
In the end everything happens for a reason and this was an obvious opportunity to sit back, relax and take a break from the corporate office life as we know it: everyday commuting, working between four walls, from 8 to 6 rather than 9 to 5, with no social life whatsoever and in a position that offers little to no perspective. And I was even lucky to have a most diversified job, so imagine otherwise. As I once told one of my French friends “J’en avais mar” and that about covers it all.
Although I realized that at a certain point I would have to come up with some kind of plan to reenter the work force, I didn’t apply for any vacancies at all, I just let all things happen in the natural flow of life. I felt hungry for marketing, but ignorant and not there yet.
Meanwhile, as my employer had let me go, I had some time on my hands to do the things I couldn’t while working or pick up on hobbies and interests I had forgotten about or didn’t even knew I had.  I gave myself permission to take off about six months in order to recover and to seize the opportunities that would raise to the occasion.
Loosing my job, only three things came to mind: freedom, investing in myself and making the best from my new situation. My dismissal came as an opportunity to take a break and renew my energy before taking off in another adventure. I was lucky that my former employer had arranged a (non-mandatory) outplacement program to help me reorient and manage my career change. I got personal guidance from an experienced consultant, a self-marketing workbook, online tools and all kinds of interesting workshops. A particularly valuable process led by my likeable and skilled consultant Anita, who thought me many things about myself alongside showing me a lot of tips and tricks to help me systematically land a new job.
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