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I was lucky that my former employer had offered me a (non-obligatory!) outplacement program in order to support me during my career transition and get me back to work. I received mentoring from a personal consultant, a self-marketing workbook, many useful online tools and took part in a series of interesting workshops going from social media marketing over contract negotiation and networking.
A particularly valuable learning process, led by a very likeable and capable consultant, Anita, who taught me a lot about myself, as well as showing me tips and tricks in order to  systematically reintegrate into the work force. And most importantly, it helped me identify and manage my most important asset – talent.
During the first weeks I was able to determine my own agenda, I combined my soul searching adventures with some additional and modest money earning serving in bars and restaurants, and allowing myself a lot of me-time.
The time invested in myself, I took off on city trips, went out and met friends and new people, I began to excercise regularly and started taking long walks, I looked after a healthy nutrition, and found myself completely rejuvenated and re-energized. I never felt so alive in my entire life.Strangely, not working according to conventional standards, made me feel more successful and more productive.
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