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When my corporate marketing position was removed, I consciously did exactly the opposite of what most people in my situation would do. I chose not to choose corporate life. Not again, putting myself back on the labor market just like that would be the easy way out. It would mean that I had learned nothing from my experiences when there was so much to think about and so much to reconsider before anything else.

I spent time on the important things in life and tried to figure out how I could leverage this setback as an opportunity to reset my life to my advantage. I took off on short stays, regular breaks, reconnected with old friends and met new people. I began to exercise regularly and started taking long walks. I developed a huge interest for innovative nutrition, looked after healthy eating and found myself completely rejuvenated and re-energized. I strategically renewed my energy and never felt so alive in my entire life.

Investing in myself made me question the conventional one-size-fits all lifestyle and made me wonder about an alternative approach to reenter the workforce with a purpose and lead a lifestyle more true to myself. I enrolled in an outplacement program to help me identify and manage my talent. A program to help me define life and career goals, discover the options available and then take action. A successful job search isn’t about landing any job — it’s about landing the right job – as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the result was nothing but a traditional self-marketing plan and framework that corresponded exactly to the marketing profile and corporate lifestyle that I had just happily left behind.

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