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How to tell if you have what it takes to become an amazing health and wellness entrepreneur

Thinking that any personal trainer, yoga teacher, life coach or nutritionist could market their expertise, find the right clients that need their help to become more active, healthier and happier, and ultimately create their own health and wellness business, is a wonderful thought.

Unfortunately the reality has thought me a less pretentious and more complex image of what it takes to become a health and wellness entrepreneur.

It takes a certain type of person and the following traits to be successful.

1. Confidence

Start believing in yourself. You become who think you are (or are not). How can you expect someone else to want your services if you don’t believe in yourself first.

You don’t necessarily need experience to be confident. Although it helps, it’s not the critical factor. We all have to start out somewhere. What you do need, is a “can do, will do” attitude. When I started my first business in 2013 I had the right experience but not the balls to make it happen.

What made a change is when I finally started doing instead of thinking. Replace the “if I do this” with “then” and “this is how” I’m gonna do it and you’re plans will automatically fall through.

2. Embrace failure

I used to think I needed “all the answers” before getting started, well in fact it’s the exact opposite approach that will help you move forward. You need to jump into the unknown, experiment and learn along the way.

Let your determination and commitment guide you through the obstacles and questions you may find on your way.

In the end, it all comes down to how much you want  to succeed and how hard you’re willing to work for   the opportunities a health and wellness business provides.

3. Resilience

If you’re new to health and wellness entrepreneurship or haven’t started out yet, you’ll soon enough find out that things don’t always go your way and times can get though.

That’s when your resilience will be put to the test and your success and growth becomes a matter of your ability to handle the ups and downs that will inevitably come along your way.

4. Creativity

Creativity is what helps you to get out difficult situations without a bitter aftertaste. How resourceful you are, will determine how quickly you find a way to recover from unexpected events.

Innovating and refreshing approaches are a must for managing a successful health and wellness business.

5. Authenticity

Authentically putting yourself out there and defining an business concept that is in line with who you are, are the most effective ways to develop and market your services.

The key to making your health and wellness business happen is understanding the value of your uniqueness and marketing it to a group of people that have the same problems in common. Problems that only your authentic set of skills can help solve.

Result: a clear and consistent story that will allow you to make better and quicker decisions on where to invest your time and energy. It’s the foundation of your sales and marketing approach. Your authentic business concept is crucial and translates into efficient messages, channels and sales arguments. 

Being yourself makes all the difference.

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