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The most common issues why you’re not not getting paid to be you

How do you Get Paid To Be You and Why is it important for the success of your health and wellness business?

Getting Paid To Be You is having found the sweet spot between what you WANT – your purpose, what you’re GOOD at – the meaning or essence of your individual talents and experience, and HOW you make a positive change – your added value, that is. It means being able to translate who you are into what is in-demand in your market, without losing touch of your internal goals.

Feeling “paid to be you” with your health and wellness business idea is crucial.

The more experienced I become in running a business, the more health and wellness professionals I talk to and the more clients I coach, the more clear it becomes clear that a health and wellness business is unlikely to work if you’re not completely in line with what you are offering, who you’re offering it to and how you’re reaching out to your market.

The point is that when you invest in your own talents, when you focus more on respecting your internal goals and abilities, you will benefit not only in terms of productivity but in terms of personal and business development as well.

Focus on creating wealth and you will find yourself pushing your boundaries, butting up against large brick walls, and wondering if your efforts are making any sense at all. Pursuing a business idea that’s not in line with who you are, will eventually lead you to struggle for energy and motivation.

Think of those clients who say they want to get healthy or happy but never seem to take action. It’s exactly the same. Externally you don’t see any change or efforts, but on the inside they’re fighting a never ending battle with themselves.

How does this all apply to your health and wellness business? 

Basically there are a few common issues that should set of a red flag in order to identify if you are or are not in line with your health and wellness business idea. The most common issues I hear:
  • I don’t know what am I doing
  • Nobody’s waiting for my offer
  • I get results but I’m still feeling empty or unsatisfied
  • I’m doing too many things at the same time, but none of which really work out 
  • I feel like I have no added value
  • I hate to sell
  • I don’t have enough time or freedom for myself

Concerned that you might be not get paid to be you? 

If you identified with some of the questions above, it could be a sign that your health and wellness business is not getting you paid to be you.

What can you do starting from here::

1. Go back to where it went wrong 

Try to identify the starting point when you first noticed there was something really off. Where is it coming from?

2. Renew your approach 

Analyse how you’re managing your health and wellness business now. Pin-point the issues that are holding you back to doing the work you really love. Come up with a different strategy and make other choices. Maybe you can re-think your offer, target another audience or find new ways to reach them?

3. Get a sparring partner 

Look for an external perspective, someone to act as your sounding board to help you move forward. Join forces with a good friend, someone you know professionally or get a professional business coach to help you understand the source of your issues.

4. Letting go 

Sometimes we’re all just pushing and trying to hard to solve a problem. Taking distance and stepping away from the issue might just be the thing you need to find clarity. Take some time off and go for yoga, walking, meditation… to reconnect with yourself.

5. Fill out the Optimize for Happiness Canvas

When I first tried to capture purpose, meaning and added value, it led me to a series of analyses, research and mapping which I eventually bundled in a practical framework. Download my free tool, the Optimize for Happiness canvas, and it will help you not only to verbalize your value, but put it into perspective with your ideal market.

If you would like to learn more about how I applied techniques and the right mindset to create a business around my lifestyle, you can start by reading my story here