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2016 throwback: 8 things I stopped doing 👏 and 8 things I wish I started doing sooner 😩

  1. Started talking about my ideas to people and getting the brutally honest feedback of my target audience
  2. Stopped waiting for my business idea to be perfect in order to launch
  3. Created a trial mini-version of my service and tested it out on potential customers
  4. Stopped wasting my time and energy on channels and marketing tools that gave me no return
  5. Created and launched my own website 
  6. Stopped spending my time on every little detail and focused on the tasks that bring me results
  7. Started selling my service even before I felt I was ready
  8. Stopped doubting if I was capable enough and just did it
  9. Started making money based on my own skills, learnings and lifestyle
  10. Stopped wanting to do everything myself and paid to get help with the things I’m no good at
  11. Started implemented new tools (Activecampaign, Calendly, Typeform…) and improved my WordPress and Google Analytic skills allowing me to work smarter and faster
  12. Stopped serving customers that weren’t the right fit for me, even if I needed the money
  13. Started surrounding myself with like-minded entrepreneurs to get their support and exchange of ideas
  14. Stopped fretting about my e-book and published with a “good enough” is ok too attitude
  15. Organised my first free “Get Paid To Be You” workshop
  16. Stopped shitting my pants every time I had to speak in public

Next big 2017 challenge is the Optimize For Happiness Hackathon bringing more people together, sharing ideas, getting inspired and doing what I love. 

What do you want to start doing and letting go off?

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