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for professional rebels to build, test and launch a business around their personality, passion and lifestyle.

Read on if you want to find out

What to expect if you decide to buy Get Paid To Be You. 

What my customers are saying about the package. 

Then decide for yourself if Get Paid To Be You is the right fit for what you want to achieve. 

But first things first.

I wouldn't advise my clients to take on just any client and so won't I. 

​So check out the video below to see if you and I are a match. 

For the sake of getting my message across clearly, here's a recap of the customer requirements I live by:

  • You're a corporate rebel or escapé that wants to build a business around your personality, passion and lifestyle. 
  • You have an idea or a vision about where you want to go next.
  • Your idea is one of the following things: coaching, client work, educational work, consultancy, training or teaching, guiding, organising workshops or events.
  • You have already quit your job or you're in the process of transitioning from the 9 to 5 to running your own business.
  • It's OK if you're just considering to quit your job for now, but I do need to know you're 100% committed to your business and don't see it as just a hobby.

If this is you, then you came to right place, my friend.

Now let's move on to the good stuff.


Design Your Business

A business that's designed around who you are, the work you want to do, what you want to achieve, who you want to work for and how you want to work.

Test & Validate

A detailed roadmap for testing your concept, getting market validation and customize your offer according to value and price.

Market & Get Customers

A strategy to make your new business visible, attract prospects, build relationships and get customers. 

About me

I’m a former corporate marketer with a background in automotive. Working in a highly competitive environment with little room for individual qualities inspired me to go on a quest for more alignement of our work and our lives.

I spent 1,5 years abroad to explore and adopt new and innovative business models, customer centric development, startup marketing and designing work around our lives instead of vice versa. 


We become sidekicks for a period of 12 weeks. Together we work our way from the first idea to the concept, from concept to business model, from business model to testing the model. From getting market feedback to signing your first customer, to receiving your first testimonials. Once your idea will make it, we set up the practical tools for launching your business, making it visible, attractive and desirable.

I stand by your side in every step of the development process and keep you accountable of your goals and to do's.

We tackle each step during a weekly 60-90 minute Skype session. Afterwards, and in-between our weekly touch points, you get action steps, deadlines and goals.

After completing your tasks, you get feedback and an outside perspective on the progress you've made.

Over the course of the program we keep in touch closely via my messaging tool and you’re free to reach out at anytime to get you unstuck.


Thanks a million once again for the super inspiring session this morning – I am still chewing on all the food for thought you gave/shared with us. Truly love your fresh, light, inspiring though very profound way of business.

Claudia Meichelbeck

She’s sharing all her knowhow and expertise while serving as an always enthusiast and committed sounding board. Thanks to her guidance you gradually learn the tricks of the trade. Thanks Marielien, for always keeping an eye on the big picture and me in the right direction every time I lost track.

Els Van Wesemael




​Session I: Ideation. 

Outline of how you want to work, the work you love doing, your skills, values and lifestyle. 

​Session II: Concept.

Laying the foundation of your business model using the Lean Canvas of Ash Maurya.

​Session III: Map Your Market. 

Identify who you will target, create a framework of your market to explore your option and understand how to connect with your target audience.

​Session IV: Design Your Offerings. 

What will you offer, how you will offer it, what it's worth, how you will deliver your service and get results for your clients. 



​Session IV: Plan & Approach. 

Determine your message, targets and deadlines, a.k.a. your script.  

​Session V: Get Out Of The Building.

Reach out to your market to test your idea and get feedback from your audience. 

​Session VI: Test Your Service. 

Deliver the bèta-service to a small circle of test-customers and collect their feedback. 

​Session VII: Analyze Test Results. 

Analyse results, collect testimonials and confirm or adjust your strategy. 



​Session VIII: Visibility. 

Create your point of visibility: how will people find and learn of your service. 

​Session IV: Get Attention.

How can you attract attention. 

​Session X: Make Them Care. 

Connect with your audience and make them care. 

​Session XI: Get Paid. 

How to close sales and make them thank you for it.