Happiness Hackathon

Our next Happiness Hackathon (Co-Work, Co-Live, Co-Create) will be held in June 2017, Portugal

Imagine 10-15 adventurous Optimizers who learn, live, work and have fun together in an idyllic location, surrounded by new inspirational people. People that can help you put your life and work in an entirely different perspective.

This hackathon is not just any hackathon, it’s:

  • an opportunity to hack your life, your career, your happiness
  • a leap towards a more purpose-driven and meaningful life and career
  • a place where business success and fun, health and happiness go hand-in-hand
  • increased focus on your business idea as well as on a truly, deeply satisfying lifestyle


Early bird ratings valid for all applications before February, 15th 2017.

We want to make sure the final group of participants is as diverse and matching the group as possible. Only the most driven people with an entrepreneurial mindset will be selected to fill the limited number of places available.

All you have to do is APPLY NOW to book your first introduction at your convenience. You’ll then get invited to an informal Skype call where we will do the first round screening in order to better understand who you are, what you do and why you’re interested to attend. During this chat you’ll get ample opportunity to ask all of your questions (logistical, financial…).

As soon as we have interviewed all applicants, we will put together the best possible group, taking everyone’s individual needs into account as much as possible.

What’s included in the program?

  • Pick up from and to the airport
  • 7 days & nights in a cabine, chalet or shared room
  • We start the day early with morning exercises for our minds, bodies and souls (yoga, meditation, surf, … depending on the Hackathon’s facilities we try to offer the practices as divers as possible)
  • Deliciously healthy food: breakfast, lunch and diner
  • All Week Morning lessons:
    • Turn A Health Challenge Into An Opportunity To Help Others (ideation session)
    • How To FrameWork Your Idea As A Real Solution For Someone Else’s Problem (product/market fit session)
    • Find Out If Your idea Will Make It Big And Get Valuable Feedback (market validation and idea testing session)
    • Blueprint The Process Of How You Work And What You’re Gonna Make Happen (funnel mapping and value stepping session)
    • Attract the right people, generate interest, arouse desire and convince others (marketing your package online and offline)
    • Automatisation tools allowing you to work when, how and where you want (productivity and innovative technology session)
  • Afternoon program:
    • social activities
    • elevating workshops
    • local trips related to health, wellness, lifestyle and entrepreneurship
    • time to continue the work on your own project
  • Speakers and host:
    • Every evening an inspirational guest speaker will be visiting us to share their stories and their best practices during a 30-60 min casual talk
  • Free Time:
    • Enough time to enjoy your freedom, relax, brainstorm and exchange ideas with adventurous, like-minded people from all over the world.

If you are selected and accept our package, we will proceed with making all arrangements happen for you. Once we have received your payment your spot is secured and we’ll looking forward to welcoming you on the Hackathon!

The Happiness Hackathon takes place several times a year, in a different location,  always inspiring us to deliver the best work.