One-on-one creative session to help you:

  • pinpoint the learnings you gained from solving your health and wellness struggles, frustrations, doubts or insecurities
  • put them into perspective of the people you want to help
  • framework the market you want to serve
  • understand the full potential and value of your learnings
  • develop a concept in line with how, when and where you want to work 

stay true stay you


My creative sessions will help you better understand your potential, your intentions and create a business concept that is in line with your values. We join forces and together we work our way to fully connect the dots step-by-step.

After the brainstorming you have a health & wellness business concept that is optimized for your own talents and life experience allowing you to further develop in your own time and on your own pace.

During the session we use the Optimize for Happiness canvas specifically designed to turn all your personal learnings into solutions to help solve real people’s problems.

This is a 60- 90 minute session that will take place at your convenience, either via Skype, Google Hangouts, or a regular telephone call. I recommend a visual touch point such as Skype in order to get the best service and results. All appointments can be scheduled within a period of 5-7 days.

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