The Customer Factory

Consulting that helps customer-centric managers visualise, analyse & optimize the customer journey. Going from entry points driving traffic in the funnel up to end points converting and repeating sales. 

Are you tired of not knowing exactly how your customer navigates across your multichannel touchpoints and where the pain points occur?

But you and your team have already spent a lot of time on dashboards trying to figure it out? You've hired some agencies, set up some systems but nothing to this day has worked out the way it's supposed to work? 

And let me guess, you have one these problems: your KPI's are hard to achieve, or maybe your KPI's are OK but don't tell you anything about the performance from a customer standpoint? Or you just don't like how your deliverables are product-driven? 

Instead, you want to work more customer-centric and know more about your actual customer. Who they are, what they find valuable and what sort of experience they expect from a brand like yours? Does this sound somewhat familiar? 

Guess what? I had the exact same problems but I found a process that allowed me to visualise the end-to-end customer touchpoints and which parts need attention the most.

I call this the Customer Factory. At Optimize For Happiness we believe that operational excellence starts with putting the customer at the center stage. That's why I help managers to map, analyse and optimize their customer journey. 

And you know what the best thing is? Optimising the experience for your customer will not only bring you customer insights, but it will gradually decrease your expenses and improve your understanding of which actions drive the business and which don't. 

My name is Marielien, and I help managers just like you to make your processes more customer-friendly and increase your customer journey performance. 

The Customer Factory

Frame and analyse how your customers find you today and what drives faster, more or repeated purchase. You get a practical, tangible action plan to exceed your current targets. 

Operational Planning

Some customers have specific needs to add structure and set the right priorities when it comes to getting the implementation done. Sounds like you? I can help you with efficient planning and processes

Online Workshops

Looking for a speaker, coach or teacher on these topics? My trainings or workshops are targeted to enable managers to get started with Customer Journey Mapping today. 

Remote Management

Outsourcing the management of a project or executing an action plan? I steer, coach and train your team, your agency or put together an external team custom-built just for you (up to 5 to 10 people).

Decide today and transform your way of working 
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