Customer-centric marketing that grows your business

Mapping and measuring the online experience of your target audience and your ideal customer is crucial to help your business grow with a minimum of input and a maximum of output.

Not Driving Enough Online Demand And Sales? 

Maybe you've tried some Google Ads, Video Marketing, Online Forms, Email... but nothing worked the way it's supposed to work?

Is your revenue not high enough? Is your marketing simply not paying off?

You're not a fan of aggressive promotions or sales techniques. You'd rather treat your customer respectfully and want to offer a customer-centric marketing and sales experience tailor-made to their needs? 

At Optimize For Happiness we believe that growth starts with putting the customer at the center stage. 

Stop looking at your marketing and sales funnel from your own perspective and turn around this proces completely. Working with your customer's needs and wants in mind at all stages of the funnel is a powerful practice. What is your customer looking for at a specific moment in time? How can you deliver him or her that first value-driven experience? 

Optimise the experience for your customer and you will find that you not only gain insights in the steps he is taking, but you will gradually decrease your ad spent and you will have a much clearer view on what is working and what not.

Our Services Can Help You Move Forward

Online Customer Factory

Frame and analyse how your customers find you today and what drives faster, more or repeated purchase. You get a practical, tangible action plan to exceed your current targets. 

Operational Marketing Planning

Some customers have specific needs to add structure and set the right priorities when it comes to getting their marketing and sales funnel implementation done. Sounds like you? I can help you with efficient planning and processes

"Remote" media or creative agency

Outsourcing the implementation of a strategy or action plan? I steer, coach and train your internal team or a custom-built external team (up to 5 to 10 people). 

Lean Marketing Teams

I help customers wanting to re-invent or innovate their marketing organisation using Lean Marketing Principles. Lean is using predictive models to calculate the minimum amount of resources you need in order to generate a specific amount of customers within a specific timeframe. 

Content Marketing Strategies

Not every business profits from an ads or paid traffic strategy. Sometimes, all you need is a result-driven Content Marketing Strategy. I deliver a complete 6-months worth of "Content That Converts" action plan. 

Events & Workshops

Looking for a speaker, coach or teacher on these topics? My presentations or workshops are targeted to enable SME's or directors to continuously adapt to a changing and accelerating digital world.

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